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The Place of Isnad in Islamic Education: Demystifying “Tradition”-Shaykh Abdullah Ali and Shaykh Muhammad al-Ninowy

Matters on Hajj in the Maliki School-Shaykh Abdullah Ali

Zaytuna College First Day of Classes and Inaugural Convocation

What It’s Like To Attend America’s First Accredited Muslim College

The Age of the Perplexed

On the Passing of My Mother, Elizabeth George Hanson

Muslims are Most Studied and Least Understood

A Conversation: Shaykh Abdullah Ali and Baraka Blue

Only Human: Can We Follow a Fatwa From the Heart?

Building Stronger Muslim Families

Muhammad Ali: A Humble Mountain

Let Us Mock the Muslims (For We Traffic in Mockery)

Zaytuna's Philosophy Class

The Ideology of Police Brutality

Violence and Defection From the Faith

President Hamza Yusuf on CNN: A Voice Against Extremism

Conversations on Race, Faith & The Next Generation Part 3: Who Owns American Islam?

Conversations on Race, Faith & The Next Generation Part 2: Immigrants & the New Racism

Conversations on Race, Faith & The Next Generation: Where Do We Start?

“White” and “Black” Are Not the Only Options for Social Integration

Islamophobia and Women’s Hijab in Public Spaces

Revisiting Al-Ghazali: Revelation and Reason

Lessons From The Life of Prophet Moses, عليه السلام, Parts 1 - 5

The Future of Islam

When Evil Fails and Goodness Prevails: Regarding the Recent Coup Attempt in Turkey

Translating Sacred Knowledge Into Practical Communal Engagement: Spirituality And The Power of Service

Seeking Refuge in Allah

Fitna Will Come and Go, Knowledge Stays

Should We Apologize?

The War Within Our Hearts

Confronting Fear and Taking Stock of Islamophobia in the US

The Plague Within


Fasting for Self-Mastery

All Things Zakat: From Stocks to Livestock

STRESSED OUT: The Struggle for Success

A Joint Muslim Statement on the Carnage in Orlando

Taking Up Ali's Torch

Ramadan and Purification

Lessons From The Life of Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, Parts 1 - 2

Lessons From The Life of Prophet Abraham, عليه السلام, Parts 1 - 2

Lessons From The Life of Prophet Noah, عليه السلام, Parts 1 - 2

Always a Land with People

Did Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Predict the Rise of White Supremacy?

Lessons From The Life of Prophet Jesus, عليه السلام, Parts 1 - 5

Call for Papers | Revisiting Al-Ghazali: Reason and Revelation

Who Are We?

Shafi'i Class

Introduction to Quranic Sciences

Jurisprudential Principles

Islamic Law I: Introduction to Hanafi Fiqh

The Purpose of Life in an Hour and a Half

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