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All Things Zakat: From Stocks to Livestock

Posted by Tahir Anwar on Jun 23, 2016 2:41:40 PM

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Zaytuna College faculty member, Imam Tahir Anwar reviews the principles and rules associated with paying zakat.

Visit to access the zakat calculator.


 Some of the best and the brightest young minds of the American Muslim community are able to attend Zaytuna College because they are awarded financial aid. So one way you can support American Muslim education this Ramadan is through your zakat. 

At Zaytuna College we use your zakat only for the housing and tuition costs of students in need.
And now, you can use a zakat calculator that's tested and approved by Zaytuna scholars. So go ahead, give it a try -- and calculate how much zakat is due based on your assets. Our scholars have also provided some answers for questions frequently asked regarding zakat.
Make your zakat donation to Zaytuna, and know that it will be used exclusively to help our students graduate equipped with the intellectual tools for lifelong learning and service -- without incurring debt.  
As you make your zakat donation, we also encourage you to make a second gift to Zaytuna College, which we'll use to hire more faculty, prepare our buildings for housing and classroom space, expand student life and services, ramp up our operational infrastructure, and help meet the requirements for accreditation. 

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