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Jurisprudential Principles

Posted by Abdullah bin Hamid Ali on Dec 15, 2015 12:01:39 AM

The semester started and by the end of the first week we still had not met for the first lesson in Islamic Jurisprudential Principles.  As a student I recall the excitement involved with coming back to school, but in this case the excitement was all mine as a teacher. The reason is that it was this semester that I would decide to adopt all-Arabic instruction for at least one of my courses at Zaytuna College. The fact that my students were juniors meant to me that it was now time to test how useful nearly 4 years of the study of Arabic alongside other courses would pay off. It would be a real test, not only for me as a teacher and for my students. It would also be a big test for the College overall as a way of knowing just how effective our curriculum and pedagogy have been.

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Topics: Sharia, Islamic Jurisprudence, Arabic, jurisprudential principles in islam

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